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The Show Runner Marketing Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

Kathi Kruse, Founder-Kruse Control Inc, is a social media strategist, business consultant and author of "Automotive Social Business 2.0- How to Captivate Your Customers, Sell More Cars & Be Remarkable on Social Media.” Her passion for the car business spans a 25-year career managing successful dealerships in Southern California. Whether it is financial, operational, leadership, organizational, or customer experience, she always zeros in on what’s happening and how it affects the bottom line. In her free time, Kathi is an advocate for all animal welfare and is especially passionate about horses.

Lessons you will learn from this interview:

  • How to connect with the modern customer through social media.
  • How to prepare and live through “The Retail Apocalypse.”
  • Applying the See, Think, Do, Care Strategy to your communication efforts.
  • Ester the Wonder Pig – a brand story.
  • Improving customer service by implementing the correct high-end brand strategies.
  • Resources for writing copy that sells.
  • Clearing away the clutter so customers can engage.
  • Common mistakes retailers are making with hyper-connected customers.