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The Show Runner Marketing Podcast

Jul 2, 2018

Donna was featured on the cover of Golf Business Industry Magazine for the concept of “Inclusionomics” and diversity. Donna was at the helm when her club hosted the prestigious professional golf tournament, The Swinging Skirts Classic in 2014-2016. After that tournament, she was highlighted in a National Geographic show on what it takes to put on an LPGA tournament event.
After nearly 20 years of service as Director of Food and Beverage at St. Francis Yacht Club and then General Manager at Lake Merced Golf Club, she had an opportunity to run the exclusive Bridges Country Club in San Diego, California as Chief Executive - General Manager.

Donna Otis, Chief Executive General Manager for The Bridges at Rancho Sante Fe


Lessons you will learn from this interview:

  • What it takes to be successful as one of only four women out of 3000 club managers nationwide
  • How to use social media to double new membership
  • Using PGA influencers and breaking new ground on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook
  • How to use peer groups, technology, continued learning and listening skills to excel in business
  • What 100 sit-ups, Bruno Marz and success all have in common
  • How to read between the lines of your target prospects' decision process
  • How to define your Avatar for successful niche marketing
  • How to check your leadership brand, build a loyal team and care beyond your title and job description
  • Compassionate leadership - why it matters
  • Why you may need to scrap your website and humanize your brand