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The Show Runner Marketing Podcast

Dec 29, 2017

Dawn Claymore, President at Midwest Marketing LLC, considers her firm to be people experts that build relationships. Her group represents large partners in retail, education, arena entertainments, hospitality and more. She brings her unique insight and over 30 years of experience to our discussion about the ongoing management of marketing strategies.

Lessons you will learn from this interview:

  • The concept of “being greater than” and how it can lead to success for you, your team and your clients
  • Digital accountability, digital sharks, and when to say no to digital recommendations
  • The single most important behavioral change you can make to win more business
  • How to use word of mouth and referrals to build successful brands
  • Why resisting technology can help your brain
  • A simple tool, better than attribution models, for measuring results
  • What CMOs can learn from their marketing partners